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Tag Cloud - Simple

  1. Capital Times

    Classic (business)

    Capital times is a site of a stock exchange which guides investors in the stock market. The confrontation of Bull and Bear is a symbol of stock exchange – the bull pushes it up while the bear holds it back – this idea was the main basic concept for this design. We chose green as the color of mo...

    Tags: Commercial Functionality Simple
  2. 3Back

    Classic (business)

    This site provides services for companies which help them to overcome crises. The main requirement for the site design was to make it strict but with a positive idea in the site header. We also gave a fresh look to the logo making it in web 2.0 style. ...

    Tags: Simple Social
  3. Party


    This site is dedicated to US brand parties. We developed a series of designs for this concept. We used minimum elements to make the site maximally functional. At the bottom we placed an animated list of interchanging brand logos. ...

    Tags: Functionality Simple
  4. Social Media Library


    Social Media Library provides PR and marketing gurus with up-to-date information on the most influential social media sites in the UK. Closely broken down by topic, Social Media Library identifies where your target audience is interacting online. The site is designed to give a “fresh” feeling ...

    Tags: ClearStyle Simple Social