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Design template is a ready layout for your future site. There is no content in the template which is it's main difference from the site design. I.e. design template is a ready design solution. You can just buy it and apply to your oun site, which make the site developmant faster and cheaper. On the other side the design template ican be used by different people - so your site is not perfectly unique and one of a kind.
“Fashion” is true chic and elegance. The style which came to us from Hollywood in 1930-40s greatly influenced people’s idea of fashion. This style constantly changes but the images it evokes are always associated with glamour, chic and elegance. The principle of building web designs in such style: Massive usage of high-quality photos. They can contain people or interior design elements or any other imaginary – the main component in the photos must be the feeling of elegance and glamour. Large numbers of photos are used as secondary elements. All the secondary components of the project serve to support the visual idea conveyed by the main photo. The background is usually clear (sometimes with gradients, delicate textures) Simple laconic menu with simple font without intricate graphic imagery.. Flourishes, wavy lines or other minor graphic objects can be used as additional details to catch the viewer’s attention.

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